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                President¡¯ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique

                ¡¡¡¡Ruiyuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. is a CNC machine tool manufacturing research and development, manufacturing, sales, technical services for the integration of professional national key high-tech enterprise, national equipment manufacturing industry base, "unit to implement development during the 12th Five Year Plan" of high-tech and industrialization in the field of national key scientific and technological project of Zhejiang Province, CNC lathe the industry's largest enterprises. Mainly engaged in the development, production, sales of all kinds of big, in, small precision horizontal CNC machine tools and heavy lathe, special numerical control equipment and special machine tools. Corporate headquarters is located in Zhejiang province Zhuji City Bu Zhen Rui Road No. 1, under the jurisdiction of Zhuji three production base, the main factory is located in Zhuji City Bu Zhen Rui Road No. 1, mainly for electrical engineering, precision machinery manufacturing, metal processing, heat treatment, paint and producing machine, machine tool casting and heavy industry base is located in Zhuji city town Zhuyong Expressway Interchange on the south side, logistics base is located in Zhuji City West Union Road No. 58. Another Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Public Street No. 98 Jamo 29 storey building business administrative headquarters and Shaoxing Chengdong Shunjiang road Ruiyuan science and industry integration CNC manufacturing base. Enterprise covers an area of 800 mu, building area of 375000 square meters, the total assets of 1800000000 yuan. Company existing staff 2500 people, college degree or above 40%, which has the title of senior research staff of 215 people. The company since its inception, has been named the "China machine tool industry of numerical control output of ten enterprises", "China machine tool industry comprehensive economic benefits of ten strong enterprises", "Zhejiang province industry leading enterprises", "national key high tech enterprise", "provincial technology center", "Zhejiang province credit demonstration enterprise", "Zhejiang AAA large taxpayer", "Zhejiang province famous trade names", "Zhejiang province labor management integrity unit", "Shaoxing hundred enterprises", "top twenty enterprises" and other honorary title. Company to "integrated group of" industry Rui also vision; "in the equipment manufacturing industry to help customers achieve intelligent Factory Dream" for the mission, is committed to creating a first-class equipment manufacturing industry base. Company uphold the principle of "high-tech equipment manufacturing industry" concept, strong development with industrialization, large-scale enterprises to promote industrial capital, spare no effort to implement value management, the establishment of strategic management system and control manufacturing process based on the combination of capital, enterprises have become the CNC machine tool industrialization base of domestic and international first-class.