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                President’ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique

                  Perfect from the perfect product manufacturing company of "high-tech upgrade of traditional manufacturing industries" concept.
                  Swedish term development of science and technology innovation is the main theme, Through years of practical Innovative and Innovative Ti Zhi Yin Jin merged in Moshi, Buduan introduce Geleiyouxiu Ren Cai, Peiyangguanli talent and scientific research, greatly improves the correspondent management capabilities, technological innovation and R & D capabilities. In March 2009 in close cooperation with the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the introduction of advanced technology, equipment and scientific management methods. Aerospace research and development of optoelectronic devices, guidance and signal detection analysis of process control equipment, advanced sensor DSP (digital signal processing machines) and various digital control systems and other products.
                  At the same time increasing the speed of information transmission speed of the era, versatile and network Hua Ye Yi position as a technology inevitable trend of scientific Gongyitihua Shaoxing base will stabilize the foundation Zhuang Bei Zhili Yu mature R & D technology, production processes and Shulian operation of technical team to ensure the end product derivatives. Achieved by the low-end value chain up to the high-end value chain, improve the company's Industrial Cooperation strategic goal to promote the integration of the company's industrial capital strategy, a strong promotion of sustainable development of enterprises.