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                President’ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique

                  Enterprises directly under the headquarters is located in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province Rui Yuan Road Town on the 1st, the use of the Shanghai-Hangzhou metropolitan area and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle pan geographical advantages, the integration of the new market competition, enterprises from the industry point of view, in Zhuji City three production bases, and the other located in Shaoxing Chengdong Swiss headquarters far from the integration of Science and Industry and Hangzhou Qianjiang New CBD Zun Bao Rui Yuan Industrial Building, headquarters of the management.
                  Port is located directly Hangjinqu, exchange Expressway from the mouth of 8 kilometers away from Zhuji city, 45 kilometers away from Shaoxing City, 40 kilometers away from Hangzhou, from Xiaoshan International Airport is only 40 km.