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                President’ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique

                   Swiss far developments in the peer set a "flag of Sweden far," we rely on the opportunity and innovation, Sweden is far today is built on solid and flashy, based on precipitation and beyond. The face of responsibility: We will adhere to the Amistad momentum, invincible benevolence tolerance, Border for Traveler's perception, mood wise no complaints; face the challenge: we will abide by the thousands of miles of the development, marketing a thousand words, 1000 Xin Wan bitter uphold in every possible innovation, twists and turn of the business, honed throughout a thousand million things, changing the checkpoints, many thanks in return. "Continues to exceed, by Zhi Yuan Rui" Rui is still much the same oath of people, companies with "comprehensive wisdom of the industry, the company" for the vision to "assist customers in the equipment manufacturing chemical Shixian digital dream" for the mission, committed to creating first-class advanced equipment manufacturing base. Companies adhering to the "high-tech upgrade of traditional manufacturing industries," the idea, to industrialization, the industrialization of information technology to promote a strong business development and spare no effort in the implementation of value management, manufacturing process control and the establishment of capital-based strategy of combining control management system, enterprises have become domestic and international first-class CNC machine tool industrial base, to go beyond the spirit of constantly creating Rui far future!