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                President’ address
                Regional advantages
                General department of industrialized management
                General department of integration of science and technique

                  Intelligence, Effectiveness, Progress, Going further
                  Except for penetrating discernment, development of a corporation relies more on its value and culture concept. We will prove it to you that, based on behavior, Ruiyuan is the ideal place for training and developing talents and the “broad stage” for achieving value of life. We will persevere in the employment concept of “choosing employees with virtue and using employees with skills”, construct cultural activities and life environment with Ruiyuan characteristics based on aggressive corporate spirit and warm humanistic care to offer staff sense of belonging.
                To cultivate corporate centripetal force by respecting and trusting talents,
                To cultivate corporate cohesive force by educating and create talents,
                To go along with Ruiyuan, it is hope, and is more regretless!