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                  (1)、The advanced manufacturing equipments and testing & examination equipments in several grades of the corporation include: production line with complete set of technological equipments in terms of casting, precise machining, heat treatment, panel beating, assembling and painting, Horizontal Processing Machining Center made in Czech, AC700-F double disk lapping machine made in Germany, Jufeng 600 Versatile Turning Center, laser cutting machine made in British, multi-functional planer-type oversized milling machine, CNC universal tool milling machine and universal radial drilling machine, planer-type oversized CNC slideway grinder , coreless grinding machine and universal tool grinding machine, complete set of metal processing equipments such as TCL3030 laser cutting machine, M3030 shearing machine , VIPROS357 CNC punching machine, FBD1030 bending machine, IW series steel machine, MAGNER automatically electrostatic powder spraying line, coating line, infrared thermometry, ultrasonic flaw detecto, RENISHAW laser interferometer made in British, dynamic balance tester etc.
                  (2)、Presently, the corporation holds the production capacity of 5000 sets of CNC machine tools in each model and has large range of activity.
                  (3)、Major operators of the corporation has rich experience in administration and clear mind and they advocate to set up a technological creation system combining manufacturing, learning and research and build high-grade CNC machine tool key technology R & D center with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University.
                  (4)、Products are superior in quality and close to top-ranking level in the world in terms of skill, technique and performance.
                  (5)、The corporation attach much importance to introduction, digestion and absorption of overseas advanced techniques and realization of self-innovation.
                  (6)、The corporation has wide and stable sales network, which is an activator to corporate development.
                   (7)、The competitive predominance in this industry has been guaranteed by perfect staffing and complete personnel training mechanism in the corporation.
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