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                  CK / CJK 0625A
                CK / CJK 6130
                CK / CJK 6136
                CK / CJK 6136A
                CK / CJK 6140A
                CK / CJK 6140B
                CK / CJK 6140E
                CK / CJK 6150A
                CK / CJK 6163
                CK / CJK 6180

                ¡¡¡¡Zhejiang Ruiyuan Machine Tool , by introducing advanced equipments and spending huge sums on technique reconstruction, has built a set of complete and reliable quality assurance system, under which Manufacturing procedures are running. Being inspected by advanced equipments, products are close to internationally top-ranking level in terms of technological content, technique level and finish machining performance. Scientific researcher and managers from Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Company, Qinchuan Machine Tool Company, Shenyang Machine Tool Company, Anyang Machine Tool Company, Huangshan No.1 Machine Tool Company, Wuzhong Machine Tool Institute and Qinghai No.1 Machine Tool Company have been introduced by the corporation in large quantity to form a group with high level of development and management. Meanwhile, the corporation builds management culture characterized by ¡°people-oriented¡±, implements ERP management system and all-around economic responsibility system assessment centered by costs, puts into effect 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seikeetso, Shitsuke) on-site management, filter into people with corporate culture, form distinctive ¡°Ruiyuan management mode¡± and lay a solid foundation for Ruiyuan industrialization base of top-ranking home-made equipments.

                ¡¡¡¡In the meantime, the corporation is dedicated to optimize and upgrade structure of products, strengthen Ruiyuan brand competitiveness, reinforce technical storage for high-tech R & D of machine tools; vigorously develop multi-axis interconnected high-speed processing center, multi-process combined machine tool, universal CNC machine, accelerate technological reconstruction of main CNC equipments manufacturing and raise production capacity of major corollary equipments and key accessories and technological level in market competitiveness.

                ¡¡¡¡The abilities from universal CNC machine tool to processing center, from host machine to accessories of electronic functions, from standard products to planning, design, precise processing, rapid manufacturing, and technological service of professional electromechanical integration production line are available to the corporation.
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