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                  Medical Machine
                -ZX-M STANDARD ME... -ZX-K FAST MEDICA...
                -ZX-H HIGH SPEED ...
                  ZX SERIES
                -ZX-80 -ZX-110
                -ZX-130 -ZX-170
                -ZX-220 -ZX-260
                -ZX-300 -ZX-350
                -ZX-400 -ZX-530
                -ZX-650 -ZX-850
                -ZX-1100 -ZX-1300
                -ZX-2000 -Servo
                  HW SERIES
                -HW58 -HW106
                -HW116 -HW148
                -HW160 -HW208
                -HW258 -HW308
                -HW368 -HW428
                -HW508 -HW588
                -HW608 -HW780
                -HW1200 -HW1450
                -HW1800 -HW2400
                -The application ... -The application ...
                -The application ... -Medical Applicat...
                ZX SERIES
                 ZX-80  ZX-110  ZX-130  ZX-170  ZX-220  ZX-260
                 ZX-300  ZX-350  ZX-400  ZX-530  ZX-650  ZX-850
                 ZX-1100  ZX-1300  ZX-2000  Servo

                CLAMPING UNIT

                - FEA designed double-toogle five-joint clamping machinery
                - High rigidity mould platen with enlarged space between tie bar
                - Mould Platen with both T-slot and mould mounting holes
                - Movable platen supported by the adjustable slide system which improves platen parallelism and life time of tie bar and mould
                - Optimized lubrication system ensuring precision clamping and prolonging the life time of the clamping
                - Special design of hydraulic oil cylinder for High speed action
                - High precision auto-clamping function according to the clamping force settled
                - Oilless bush on the bearing parts prolonging the life time of toggle and tie bar.


                INJECTION UNIT

                - High quality linear motion(LM)guide ensure injection smoothly and accurately
                - High speed and high pressure adopt special injection design, improving injection speed
                - The barrel of injection setting can be disassembled randomly,after taking the quick connectors and it is easy for maintance.
                - Twin nozzle cylinder ensures more even and stable structure
                - Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements


                HYDRAULIC SYSTEM

                - High capacity feedback proportional valve control the pressure and flow separately from L V D T, stability and high sensitivity speed
                - Adopt Germany Rexroth variable pump,energy-saving,stability
                - Adopt Italy Gefran servo hydraulic system
                - The servo energy-saving machines are equipped with rotary encoder and pressrue sensor, and both of them had feed back of flow and pressrue,through changing the speed and torque,high quality synchronous servo motor makes corresponding flow and pressure adjustments to reach the effects of close-loop precisionand energy saving.It control the hydraulic oil temperature reasonable,prolong the using life and save water.
                - High speed and high pressure controlled by clamping and injection hydraulic system
                - Adopt the special hydraulic syetem to protect the specision mould.
                - he proportional back pressure valves adopted ,with easy operation and accurate control‘B
                - Butter and thin oil in dependent lubirication system can lubricate everywhere in the best situation

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