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                  Medical Machine
                -ZX-M STANDARD ME... -ZX-K FAST MEDICA...
                -ZX-H HIGH SPEED ...
                  ZX SERIES
                -ZX-80 -ZX-110
                -ZX-130 -ZX-170
                -ZX-220 -ZX-260
                -ZX-300 -ZX-350
                -ZX-400 -ZX-530
                -ZX-650 -ZX-850
                -ZX-1100 -ZX-1300
                -ZX-2000 -Servo
                  HW SERIES
                -HW58 -HW106
                -HW116 -HW148
                -HW160 -HW208
                -HW258 -HW308
                -HW368 -HW428
                -HW508 -HW588
                -HW608 -HW780
                -HW1200 -HW1450
                -HW1800 -HW2400
                -The application ... -The application ...
                -The application ... -Medical Applicat...
                HW SERIES
                 HW58  HW106  HW116  HW148  HW160  HW208
                 HW258  HW308  HW368  HW428  HW508  HW588
                 HW608  HW780  HW1200  HW1450  HW1800  HW2400
                ¡¡Plastic injection molding machine is an important equipment which can inject hot plasticity plastic and hot getting firm plastic after heating and making various kinds of plastics products. The plastics industry is a new developing industry, though the developing history of injecting molding machine is still very yong, With the development of sciece and technology ,the plastic injection molding machine have already developed into a relatively ripe machines. HW series machine is reseachine is researched, developed, making, selling all by oneself since the company established. HW series is exactly representative of machines, which can satisfy user's processing of various kinds of ordinary products.
                ¡¡¡¡Please see the picture and explanatory note in detailed the HW series machine as following.



                - FEA designed double-toogle five-joint clamping machinery
                - High rigidity mould platen with enlarged space between tie bar, fit for larger scope of the moulds
                - Mould platen with both T-slot and mould mounting holes
                - Large moving die stroke with smooth & fast motion
                - Electrical & mechanical safety protection device
                - Four-stage control for pressure, speed, position to lock & open the platen
                - Automatic centralized lubrication system
                - Differential quick mode lock device
                - Gear regulating the mould driven by oil motor


                INJECTION UNIT

                - Twin cylinder balanced injection system
                - High torque oil motor directly drives screw to complete the pre-injection
                - Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements to ensure the production quality
                - Multiple-stage control for pressure, speed, position to inject, keep pressure, charge material


                CONTROL UNIT

                - It utilizes the plastic injection moulding machine special-
                - purpose computer with rapid response, interactive interface
                - Regulate barrel temperature deviation automatically
                - Multiple-unit plastic moulding data memory system safety performance of electric devices
                - It real-timely monitors various actions and gives automatic warning for its defects
                - Clamp, injection, ejection action can choose linear Displacement sensor for its control


                HYDRAULIC UNIT

                - High capacity feedback proportional valve controlling the pressure and flow, stability and high sensitivity speed
                - Main hydraulic components with world famous brand, ensuring stable quality of the machine
                - Low noise & rapid response oil pump system
                - Adopt the cooling water flow distributor, controlling the cooling temperature easily

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