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                  Medical Machine
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                -ZX-H HIGH SPEED ...
                  ZX SERIES
                -ZX-80 -ZX-110
                -ZX-130 -ZX-170
                -ZX-220 -ZX-260
                -ZX-300 -ZX-350
                -ZX-400 -ZX-530
                -ZX-650 -ZX-850
                -ZX-1100 -ZX-1300
                -ZX-2000 -Servo
                  HW SERIES
                -HW58 -HW106
                -HW116 -HW148
                -HW160 -HW208
                -HW258 -HW308
                -HW368 -HW428
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                -HW608 -HW780
                -HW1200 -HW1450
                -HW1800 -HW2400
                -The application ... -The application ...
                -The application ... -Medical Applicat...
                The application of PE pipe fittings industry
                1.In order to achieve the best product quality, the use of a professional plastic device, especially the screw on the original processing capacity must be adapted to the characteristics of pipe fittings (such as PVC/PPR/PE, etc.). As the major domestic supplier of injection molding equipment, HANVOS provides our customers with complete specifications of high quality special injection molding machine of pipe fitting series(PVC/PPR/PE/PP).
                2.Molding process of the original temperature change control precision, temperature uniformity. Temperature is one of the most important parameters in plastic forming process.
                3.For all kinds of special material of the special characteristics, the corresponding special injection molding machine of the sol, injection, clamping and other actions can provide the appropriate force and speed, and requires accurate control, easy adjustment.
                4.The configuration for the production of a variety of pipe fittings need auxiliary device and auxiliary interface, such as pumping core device, wide type door machine, water separator, hopper dryer power interface.
                5.Energy saving device, such as variable pump or servo pump, etc.. Reduce production cost. HANVOS positively response to the national call for energy saving, the whole system of injection molding machine with standard configured with servo power system.
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