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                  Medical Machine
                -ZX-M STANDARD ME... -ZX-K FAST MEDICA...
                -ZX-H HIGH SPEED ...
                  ZX SERIES
                -ZX-80 -ZX-110
                -ZX-130 -ZX-170
                -ZX-220 -ZX-260
                -ZX-300 -ZX-350
                -ZX-400 -ZX-530
                -ZX-650 -ZX-850
                -ZX-1100 -ZX-1300
                -ZX-2000 -Servo
                  HW SERIES
                -HW58 -HW106
                -HW116 -HW148
                -HW160 -HW208
                -HW258 -HW308
                -HW368 -HW428
                -HW508 -HW588
                -HW608 -HW780
                -HW1200 -HW1450
                -HW1800 -HW2400
                -The application ... -The application ...
                -The application ... -Medical Applicat...
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                The application of Automobile industry
                There¡¯s a global trend in producting lighter automobile,thus the plastic plays a much more important role in its producing.The automobile-used plastic structure pieces industry booms,and will be tomorrow¡¯s main development direction.
                Mainly reduce body weight to lower energy consumption
                With the functions of rust-proof,shock-absorption,and vehicle noise-reduction
                Forming products with complex shapes
                Free to design,with a variety of appearances
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