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                With the sedulous pursuit of "people-oriented, Quality-centred
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                Zhejiang Hengwei Group is a specialized company engaging in the Research, Development, Production, and Sales of mechanical and electrical integrated products. There are mainly five product series, including: NC miller; machining center; plastic injection molding machine; NC wire cutting machine; CNC electrical impulse. In recent years, Hengwei has got honours in succession, e.g."One of Top Hundred Key Enterprises in Ningbo", "AAA Credit Company in Ningbo", etc. Hengwei products won Hi-tech Prize and New Product Prize of the Municipal, Provincial and State Level. The total construction scale of Hengwei Group reaches to 100,000 square meters. It has more than 30 branches in China. With a first-class managing center, it now has over 500 workers and staffs, among which 30% are R&D personnel. This R&D team allows Hengwei to develop new products with the world's most advanced technology.

                Hengwei CNC Machine Tool Co.Ltd. is one of the subordinate companies from Zhejiang Hengwei Group. Its major product is plastic injection molding machine of "Hengwei" brand. It now has over 20 types of quality machines with clamping force from 500KN to 22,000KN (Injection Weight from 45g to 10,000g). All these machines' main elements are of international famous brand. Basing on first-class machining center, efficient testing and quality control system, and considerate after-market service, the Hengwei machines get a successful sale both in domestic and abroad.

                With the sedulous pursuit of "people-oriented, Quality-centred, Sci-Technology for Prosperity, Striving for centennial HENGWEI", our company is stepping towards a large-scale, modernized and globalized group corporation.

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