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                WELCOME TO VISIT OUR BOOTH----W2-500 IN APPLAS
                Time2011/8/26 10:24:26 Reading 2282times

                Our company will take part in The 12th Asian-Pacific Int'l Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition from 6th September to 9th September.

                Our booth NO. is W2-500 which is 180 square meters and not any companies can achieve it but HANVOS is one of these which has so large booth. It can show that our position of strength among the Injection Molding Machine Industry. Moreover, we have invited the famous design corporation which has rich experiences to design and build for our booth.

                During the APPLAS time, we will show 4 machines which is HW208 EX-80 EX-100ZX-130. About HW series, we have produced for many years which is famous for its stability, safety, economy and energy-saving. About EX series which is the new series in our company, the south Korea engineer who is invited specially by our company design for it. We have applied fro and got the right for several parts of this series, especial for the technical parts so that this series can produce high-tech products such as glass. About EX series, combined the EX's high-tech with the HW's economy so that accord with different types of customer.

                The leaders in our company concentrate on this booth. We are developing in the light of Pursuit Of Innovation, Lend Of Technology.

                At last, welcome to visit our booth--W2-500.

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