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                MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015
                Time£º2015/9/28 16:34:30 Reading 719times

                       MEDITEXPO Jiangsu have its debut on 24-26 Sep, 2015 in Changzhou, China. The exhibition is attracted more than 800 international & domestic famous medical device related companies and over 30,000 professional visitors to attend , and the show scale will reach 30,000 SQM.It is the best single platform for international brands to enter China¡¯s huge medical market.


                       Ningbo hengwei CNC machine tool ltd.,co. Joined the Meditexpo jiangsu.We exhibited two sets machines,one is ZX-130 special medical type,the other one is ZX-260H high speed type.our machines¡¯ advantage:high efficiency,stable,high precision,high saving energy. During this exhibition, we attracted more visitors and got lots orders up to 2million dollars.


                       During the exhibition,we extended HANVOS brand and medical technology. Our technical director Mr.Mao made a ¡±Injection solutions of medical product¡± speech which attracted lots audiences¡¯ high evaluate about the HANVOS machine and brand.


                                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL TRADE DEPT.

                                                                                                                               SEPT. 28TH, 2015







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