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                Warmly celebrating the success of our meeting
                Time£º2017/4/11 16:16:41 Reading 411times

                Warmly celebrating the success of our meeting£¡

                April 8, 2017, in order to promote the new products and thank the support and trust of customers, our company has specially organized a meeting for them. The meeting, our company delegated a representative to making a brief introduction about the basic situation of our company.Meanwhile,   we made the detailed explanation for our new products.In order to allow customers to more intuitive understanding of our products, we specifically with customers to visit the workshop. In the communication with the customer, we get the customer's various views and opinions. Next, we will be for the customer's requirements, combined with the company's actual situation to improve, and strive to do better! In general, with the company's joint efforts of all staff, the meeting draw a satisfactory full stop!

                Engineers introduce products.

                Visiting Workshop.

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