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                CONPANY NEWS
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                INTERPLASTICA 2018
                Time£º2018/1/6 13:38:55 Reading 316times

                Exhibition time: January 23th to 26th, 2018
                Exhibition Type: Mechanical Equipment
                Address:Expocentr¡¯ Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

                Our company will attend the INTERPLASTICA 2018 from January 23th to 26th, 2018, and our booth is at 2.3 Hall 23B26, welcome to visit and negotiate!All my friends and customers! 

                ¡¾Market introduction¡¿
                In recent years, the Russian market is growing rapidly in the fields of construction, automotive, consumer electronics and packaging, which are closely related to the plastics industry. Therefore, the demand for plastic raw materials and processing equipment continues to grow strongly. Russia has also expand its production capacity through the establishment of a new plastics processing plant with its neighboring countries. 
                Interplastica is the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber in Russia and Eastern Europe. With the strong support of relevant government departments, it has become one of the most influential plastic industry exhibitions in CIS countries. Russia's huge demand in the plastics industry provides a good opportunity for China's exports.

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